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Steven contributed as a 2D Designer and VFX Animator for The CharacterShop, participating in the creation of the acclaimed animated commercial for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK.

Their role encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, including character design, turnarounds, expression sheets, phonemes (mouth shapes), hand sheets, props, assets, backgrounds, and the animation of minor VFX elements. This project marked Steven's most significant undertaking thus far, involving a total of 184 hours of dedicated effort.

The commercial garnered recognition and acclaim, receiving the esteemed "Best Animated Commercial" award presented by SHORT to the Point in August 2022. Additionally, it received a nomination in the animation category by the Royal Television Society in November 2022.

Steven Pascoe is a designer & animator based in the UK. They are currently employed, but are available to work on small commissions. For commissions and enquiries, get in touch by emailing:


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