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2D Designer & Animator
Philip Browne Menswear - New Balance 550 - Animated Promo

Within a span of five days, Steven single-handedly developed this animation, starting from the ground up. He adeptly handled various tasks such as storyboarding, character design, animatics, and animation refinement. Philip Browne approached Steven once again following their collaboration on the previous New Balance trainers release, where he had created a set of promotional illustrations.

To accomplish his creative process, Steven effectively utilised industry-standard software tools such as Photoshop for storyboards, still images, and designs, as well as TVpaint for animatics and animation.

Furthermore, Steven integrated sound effects into this animation, seamlessly incorporating them using Adobe Audition.

Steven Pascoe is a designer & animator based in the UK. For commissions and enquiries, get in touch by emailing:


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